【The 10th Entrepreneurs Forum】Discussing Industry Forefronts in Sub-forums

June 16,2017

On the afternoon of May 29 in the sub-forums, alumni entrepreneurs discussed on four topics in the Alumni Project of Attracting Capital and Intelligence and the 10th HUST Entrepreneurs Forum, including  artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, internet leading the future, venture investment and financing and IPO situations.

 Huang Xiaoqing (CEO of CloudMinds), Yang Yongzhi (founder of Dolphin Browser), Zhou Wei (CEO of INMOTION), Liu Deheng (co-founder of Wuhan Silicon Integrated Co., Ltd.), Tu Shuhui (ROVER Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) and Prof. Zhang Haiou in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering were engaged in a dialogue discussing the relationships between artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing and their impact to the industry development in the future.

Zhang Xiangning (founder of, Zhu Weihao (partner of Cybernaut), Chai Zaixi (Chairman of the board of Yuanshun Group), Huang Chengsong (founder of, Jin Yiye (founder of Ping++), Yan Qinghua (CEO of Pinssible), Xu Yujian (vice-president of and Xiao Xianyi (founder of Two Huangli Education) probed into how the internet will lead the future.

Wang Chaoyong (founder and chairman of China Equity Group) summarized and commented on the discussions of sub-forums, with Yang Huajun (partner of HUA Partners) and Liu Chao (CEO of as the moderators.

In the forum, alumni entrepreneurs expressed their own views and provided visionary suggestions on the industry forefronts combing their own startup experiences, and thoroughly analyzed two key topics: artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing and internet leading the future.

In the Fourth HUST Venture Investment and Financing Forum, moderated by the well-known angel investor Gong Hongjia (president of Alumni Venture Investment Association) and Zhong Xiaolin (co-founder of Turing Capital) in the session of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing, Zou Xuecheng (committee member of HUST Academic Board), Wang Xiaopeng (founder and general manager of EyeSmart Technology Ltd), Li Wenbiao (director of Walden International), Prof. Wang Jinjun in Xi'an Jiaotong University (expert in the National 1000-Young-Talent Program of China) and Xia Lifeng (co-founder of discussed what kinds of industries would face the largest impacts and changes brought by artificial intelligence.

Moderated by Gong Hongjia and angel investor Wu Shan in the bioscience session, Yang Xiangliang (vice-president of School of Life Science), Prof. Hao Tie, Prof. Han Junyan and Associate Prof. Fu Qin in Basic Medicine School discussed how major breakthroughs in bioscience could change the fate of humankind.

In the IPO situations session, moderated by Mei Shaohua (deputy director of Securities Daily and executive chairman of China Smart City Investment Consortium), Chen Shuzhi (chairman of the board of Prolto), Ou Guolun (president of Jolimark Holdings Ltd.), Guo Song (chairman of the board of Urovo), Zhang Hongtao (chairman of the board of Xuji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.), Zhang Fasheng (chairman of the board of Shenzhen Hopesen Technology Co., Ltd.), Tian Maosheng (president of Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd.) and Fu Peng (chairman of the board of Hopefound Education and Technology Co., Ltd.) shared how they innovated and started up businesses in various industries as well as promoting their core competence for IPO.

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